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we help small airlines and airports to run their operations with big aviation company tools
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ABOMIS Solutions

ABOMIS solutions are about automating flight management processes, boosting the productivity of all the companies involved in these processes while ensuring adherence to the highest standards of safety and security.

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ABOMIS HandHeld check-in and boarding solution

ABOMIS HandHeld check-in and boarding solution is a fast, easy, and reliable passenger processing, web-based solution, available for Android, IOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. We have designed HandHeld in such a way that addresses various needs of passengers, making it a perfect companion of air travelers and one of the most advanced applications of its kind currently in the market. A particularly attractive solution for charter airlines, HandHeld can be used in any airport around the globe, even where there are no check-in desks or stable network.

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About us

ABOMIS is a global provider of IT solutions and services for airports, airlines and ground handlers with the headquarters based in Canada near Vancouver. We help small - medium size and low cost airlines, airports, ground handlers and Charter companies to run their operations with big aviation company tools. Based on our understanding of aeronautical needs, we have successfully developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions which include for passenger processing, resource management, flight management, operational messaging, airports billing, full reporting center, inventory management and associated hardware and services.


To advance our mission of serving customers’ most sophisticated needs, we are constantly looking for aspiring, dedicated and highly-skilled individuals with experience in aviation software solutions. By joining us, you will have the exciting opportunity to work with a highly productive team of creative developers on cutting edge solutions. If interested, please send your resume and a brief cover letter to info(at)

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